Try to survive in outer space, fighting against other ships.

But first, you'll have to make your ship.

How to play:

controls: At the beggining you create your ship use 1,2or3numpads to change the body of your ship, 4,5or6 to change your weapons, 7,8or9 to change your reactor, when ready press enter.

controls : left click = shoot, your ship will move toward your mouse.

with machine gun(numpad5)press right click to reload

At the beggining all ship are neutral if a ship recieves one of your bullets he will become your ennemy and wil try to kill you.

At level 5 and 10 your weapons get upgraded, at level 15 a giant space ship spawn at the space station, before it spawns you should destroy the defenses of the station (space crossbow).

Next to your spawn point there is a small station if you collide with it it will turn 5 of your cash into 3 hit points.

the space station(with the crossbow) is at the middle of the map.

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