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Yes, I know i made it for a game jam so the story was rushed, thank's for the feedback (btw i'm in EU not USA).

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Yes, there needs a balance between the extremes even though a lot a people seem to go straight to the extremes recently.

ima delete this comment as me from a year ago was being a huge dick.

Nice way to address different kind of issues in everyday life as a woman!
Just a technical suggestion: the text disappears too fast and sometimes was hard to read it. I would  suggest to put a "Press to go ahead" button.

thanks, It did not come to my mind to put a button, it would be better though, I will try to use the suggestion in a future game.

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This game page has become my most visited one in less than a week! Thank you.

Hey, having some issues running it in Chrome browser. You might have to edit the default settings for the game page so that it loads right and I can play it. I would set the frame size to whatever size you have your game set at in dpi. 

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Fixed the problem: put in full screen and un zoom. By the way, for some reason in the browser version the text box is very small compared to the downloadable version, so if you can't read use downloadable version.